Today at the 29.05.2020 the collection includes 6006 posters in our poster shop.

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Category Overview

Exhibitions, meetings, fairs thematically (288) Baths, guest trade, circus, zoo (250)
Bank, insurance, lottery, trading stamp poster (63) Office, photo, clocks, decoration (40)
Firm whole Switzerland (188) Film posters (7)
Beverages (208) Body hygiene and hygiene in generally (70)
Communication, radio, television (18) Art and culture (754)
Fairs (209) Mode, clothing, textiles, shoes (217)
Music meetings (126) Food (195)
Politics, tunings, elections (143) Print products, typography, publishing houses (72)
Cleaning, washing etc. (46) School, education, health (6)
Social, security, preventing, environment (156) Sporting events (343)
Tobacco goods (110) Theatre meetings (80)
Tourism (1638) Traffic and energy (916)
Goods and department stores (224) Live, household, garden (30)
Divers (80)

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After your payment has been received, the posters will be sent by Swiss Post. Unregistered parcels are insured by the Swiss Post up to a value of CHF 500.-, registered parcels up to a value of CHF 1'500.-. If your order has a value of less than CHF 500 and you still want a registered mail, please let us know. Alternative delivery methods, e.g. FedEx, DHL or UPS, is available upon request and will be billed at cost. With our handover to the Swiss Post or another carrier the risk is transferred to the buyer. Supplementary insurance is available on request. The costs for packaging and shipping within Switzerland is CHF 30.- and must be paid in advance by the buyer together with the purchase price. The costs for packaging and shipping to destinations within the EU are CHF 50.- and for destinations outside the EU CHF 70.-.

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