Schaffhauser Poster Collection

A subdivision of the Poster Museum is dedicated to the Schaffhausen poster collection.

The aim of the Schaffhausen poster collection is posters that have a connection to the city and canton of Schaffhausen gather.

In addition to tourism and exhibition posters, the collection includes mainly Were posters of Schaffhauser Wolle and Knorr AG Thayngen of the museum and exhibition posters All Saints in Schaffhausen.

Today, on 22.05.2024, the collection includes 334 posters with a reference to Schaffhausen.


Category overview

Exhibitions, meetings, fairs (2) Baths, guest trade, circus, zoo (0)
Banking, insurance, lottery, trading stamp posters (0) Office, photo, watches, decoration (0)
Firm whole Switzerland (4) Film posters (0)
Beverages (8) Body hygiene and hygiene in generally (16)
Communication, radio, television (0) Art and culture (96)
Fairs (0) Fashion Clothing Textiles Shoes (92)
Music events (2) Food (65)
Politics elections and voting (6) Print products Typography Publishing houses (2)
Cleaning washing etc. (0) School Education Health (0)
Social Security Preventing Environment (0) Sporting events (16)
Tobacco goods (0) Theatre meetings (1)
Tourism (13) Traffic and energy (12)
Goods and department stores (1) Live, household, garden (1)
Divers (2)

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